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nRF51822 with Arduino development

by on Nov.20, 2016, under My gadgets

This is my experiment of burn bootloader on nRF51822 and upload code with serial cable and Arduino IDE.


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WebBluetooth With CC2541

by on Nov.20, 2016, under My gadgets


This project shares my experience with WebBluetooth with Bluetooth hardware (CC2541 – Texas Instruments)

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Phosphorescent message card

by on Feb.02, 2014, under My gadgets

Visualize hidden message with a phosphorescent card.


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Google glass talks to Arduino and Raspberry Pi

by on Jul.09, 2013, under My gadgets

Use Google glass voice command to control a LED on Arduino and Raspberry Pi via XMPP messages.

Try it:  Source code:

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Directional Speakers

by on Jan.25, 2013, under My gadgets

This speaker modulates audible sound on ultrasonic signal and send the modulated sound in a beam through the array of piezo speakers. The sound will be demodulated with the non-linearity of air itself and can be heard right in front of  the speaker. The case is made by laser-cut cherry wood. A small laser diode is used to indicate the path of sound.

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Branch Light

by on Jan.25, 2013, under My gadgets


Branch Light is designed as a new form of mood light. Normally mood light is a single light or a light strip that you can not change it’s shape easily. This modular mood light units use magnets to connect each other so they can be rearranged easily. It is ideal for decoration under table or on vertical surface like refrigerator. The magnetic connection provides mechanical, power and signal connetion. (continue reading…)

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Bluetooth tracker

by on Jan.27, 2012, under My gadgets

This is a position tracking system. This system communicates with people’s electronic devices via Bluetooth protocol. Then visualize people’s location on screen in real time. (continue reading…)

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Arduino harp

by on Nov.06, 2011, under My gadgets

Arduino has a built in function “tone()” to play sound. It is simple and efficient, while the only problem is the sound quality. The tone function uses square waves, which have only odd harmonics. This harp uses wavetable synthesizer to generate a 6-channel chord tone. The sound is controlled by the touch harp. (continue reading…)

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Digital Smart Ruler—when Euler circuit meets electronic circuit

by on Jul.21, 2011, under My gadgets

Higher quality of pics will be available soon.
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Dandelion Bluetooth IO interface

by on May.25, 2011, under My gadgets

Dandelion is a project inspired by Gainer. It proves a simple solution to interact between the physical world and the digital world. When connecting the board to a computer, it acts as a serial port on the computer. That makes it easy to be manipulated by any program language. Then various sensors or actuators can be connected to its 10 digital IO ports and 2 analog input ports. All commands and data are sent in ASCII forms and those commands are user-friendly. Most important, it connects via Bluetooth. This can save a USB port and communicate in distance.
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