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Inferential 3D Scanner with Goldfish

by on Oct.11, 2012, under Uncategorized

Project made for Kyle McDonald’s 3D Sensing and Visualization class, ITP Fall of 2012. By Deqing Sun and Tak Cheung.
This first class assignment, we were asked to build a 3D sensor from scratch. The concept came from brainstorming what devices are available to detect space. Off-the-shelf sensors like a laser range finders can gather distance and implementing this within a matrix we can create a set of 3D data. We thought sensory inputs are also inherent in every living organism too. There’s a lot we can do with that concept like putting a GPS collar on dogs. Using their travel paths to scan out pedestrian sidewalks over time. We chose goldfish as they’re conveniently swimming in a 3 dimensional medium and for their bright color it’ll be easy for our program/camera to pick them out.




We devised 2 cameras, front view and top view to track the goldfish. The video is passed through Processing that calculates red values in the scene which separates the fish from its white environment.


A central point (red dot) is calculated from both views tracking the X,Y,Z coordinates of the fish. An object is placed inside the tank to be ‘scanned.’ Clear bottle was our choice so to not obstruct the camera’s view as the fish swims behind it.

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